Trek Memorabilia – Quest for the Cup.

During your treks you may acquire artifacts, souvenirs, and memorabilia to remind you of your trips. Some of them have great significance and you may never part with them. One of my memorabilia is a simple ceramic cup of minimal monetary value but with great significance.


This cup was given to WTC employees who returned to work when the building was reopened after the 1993 bombing. One of those employees gave me this cup as a gift during one of my treks to the top of WTC soon after the reopening.

You may recall that the World Trade Center was initially bombed in 1993. The attack, on February 26, 1993, killed six people in New York City and injured 1,000. A truck bomb exploded in the parking garage of the North Tower. According to CNN, “The blast from the homemade 1,500-pound urea-nitrate bomb blew a hole five stories deep and half-a-football field wide.” It took officials 11 hours to completely evacuate roughly 50,000 people from the massive buildings. The trade center stood in the darkness that night for the first time since it opened in 1973.

Many employees who received these cups on their return to work subsequently perished in the September 11, 2001 attack. I am trying to track other surviving owners of these cups.

Do you have one of these cups? I would be honored to hear from you and your story!


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18 thoughts on “Trek Memorabilia – Quest for the Cup.

  1. wow a stunning souvenir …

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  3. Gus

    I didn’t know that there was a welcome back gift for those who worked in the WTC. Thank you for sharing your story and best wishes with your quest.

  4. A sad part of history and all the more sadder to know that some of those who survived the first attack perished in the second, tracing the owners of the cups sounds like a formidable task.

  5. I remember that first bombing and saying to my husband; ‘Never again I will visit the World Trade restaurant’ (on its top floor, offering you a stunning view). I still remember the view it offered.

  6. sad and intriguing story Terry, I hadn’t realised that lightning really had struck twice

  7. A precious piece of history. I remember the 1993 bombing. I was living in White Plains at the time.

  8. Wow that is a significant souvenir! Taking in the entire history also makes this quite an eerie story, don’t you think?

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